Gate Market

Gate Market

located within the walled city of Kos. There are five Orthodox churches and the castle, whose construction dates back to around 1390. The impressive castle in this is that for the completion of any kind used archaeological stones and marbles.

The Hippocratic Platano

If you walk the bridge that connects the castle with the Loggia square you will find the Hippocratic Platanos, the oldest tree in Europe, which counts 2500 years of life. According to tradition, in the shadow of this tree, the father of medicine taught his disciples.

South of Platanos will find number of ruins of ancient buildings and buildings that date back to the Hellenistic and Roman Period. Your attention will pull Nimfaio where formerly housed public restrooms. The impressive this building is the columns, all white marble.

Close to Nymphaeum, you will see the ruins of the ancient Kos fitness of Scratch. Of the 81 Doric columns that surround the whole building, is now repaired 17